Monday, June 27, 2011

La Veta threatened by Shell hydraulic fracturing

The community of La Veta, in Huerfano County (just southeast of the SLV) faces an imminent threat of a hydraulically fracked 14,000-foot deep natural gas well just 2 miles west and upwind from the town. Shell Oil's proposal could threaten local drinking water wells, public health and more.

Below is a call for help from the newly formed grassroots Citizen's for Huerfano County who are fighting this onslaught. The pace and magnitude of destructive Big Energy development schemes are growing and we rural Colorado communities need to stick together!

Awareness about the dangers of fracking is spreading like wildfire and momentum is building for local and state moratoriums and bans.  We have dedicated this page to keeping people updated on CHC's efforts.  Check back frequently to stay engaged!

People Power is vital to the effort of saving the La Veta Valley from destructive fracking!  The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and elected County Commissioners (Scott King, Art Bobian and Roger Cain) have completely ignored the concerns of hundreds of affected constituents.  The Citizens for Huerfano County has filed a lawsuit against the COGCC for the reckless abandonment of its own regulations.    We need your help!

* DONATE! Litigation is costly. We need to raise $15,000 immediately for our legal/strategy defense fund.  Please make a secure online donation below or mail a check written to “Huerfano Community Corporation/CHC” to: P.O. Box 386, La Veta, CO 81055

*  BECOME A MEMBER! Join the 100 (and rising) member Citizens for Huerfano County (CHC) by sending your Name, Address, Phone and Email to: (or PO Box 1142, La Veta, CO, 81055).  Unless you tell us not to, we’ll add you to the list-serve to receive CHC email news and action updates.

*  VOLUNTEER! We need your energy, passion and expertise to help with media, outreach, fundraising, membership, a website and things we haven’t even thought of yet.   Email us today!

*  SPREAD THE WORD! Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the threat fracking poses to our quality of life, air and water, tourism-based economy and wildlife and let them know how they can help.  Hold a neighborhood screening of Gasland, or Split Estate, two award nominated documentaries.

*  SPEAK OUT! Write letters to your local, state and federal elected representatives. Send copies to newspaper Editors to build awareness of these important issues. 


"The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), which oversees natural gas drilling and has rules on the books specifically addressing fracking, is currently undergoing an independent review of those regulations".

"Already, preliminary water testing by sportsmen is showing consistently high levels of bromides and total dissolved solids in some streams near fracking operations, Dufalla said. Bromide is a salt that reacts with the chlorine disinfectants used by drinking water systems and creates trihalomethanes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says trihalomethanes can be harmful to people who drink water with elevated levels for many years".

Citizens for Huerfano County, La Veta, CO

Citizens for Huerfano County is a group of citizens whose purpose is to protect our public health, safety and welfare, the environment, and wildlife from the threat posed by natural gas exploration and operations, drilling, and hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") .   

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