Monday, May 16, 2011

Local Power, Local Control: Lessons from around the world

In the previous post, Bottom-Up Solar Power, we introduced John Farrell, senior researcher on the New Rules Project at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, through his examination of the benefits of local ownership and dispersed generation of renewable energy.

Among a growing number of publications, John is the author of the second and expanded edition of Energy Self Reliant States, that illustrates the potential for every state to meet its renewable energy goals with in-state renewable energy sources.

Boulder's Clean Energy Action group recently brought John Farrell to Boulder, Colorado from his home state of Minnesota.  I had a few minutes to talk with John about the San Luis Valley's unique history with solar power and our current struggle for Community Power, before taking in his riveting and data-rich presentation.

We've posted John's PowerPoint from the talk below, followed by as many live reference links as I could conjure up.

"Community Power 101" doesn't get any better than this!