Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dreaming the San Luis Valley

Below is a editorial written by Chuck Tidd, SLVRCA board member for the Saguache Crescent in response to a letter submitted by George Woodard.  Tessera Solar holds an option to purchase the Woodard Ranch for its' 1,525-acre proposed project.  It was too inspiring not to share!

By Chuck Tidd

I, TOO, HAD A DREAM that Saguache County led the country in solar development. But in my dream, before we started to count the money coming in, we asked who is going to pay the price.
In my dream, before we asked who's going to get a job, we asked who's going to lose a job.
In my dream, before we asked who is this going to help, we asked who is this going to hurt.
In my dream, our first consideration was to have the doctor's admonition – do no harm.

I, TOO, HAD A DREAM that people came from around the world to marvel at the way we had developed our solar resources while protecting our environment and safeguarding all our citizens’ lives and livelihoods; that people came to study the way we had taken charge of our future and built solar farms that are clean, quiet, low-profile and that enhance the use of the land, not destroy it.

I, TOO, HAD A DREAM that we looked at solar technologies that didn't respect our agricultural lifestyle and our environment and told them, “Don't waste our time.” - that we looked at noisy, industrial scale developments and said, “Sorry,

INSTEAD, IN MY DREAM , I woke up in a solar tradeshow, where we were working with farmers that have out-of-production land and connecting them with REAL cutting-edge solar companies and universities that can engage our kids, maximize the power per acre, and whose systems respect our environment.

Doing solar right.....
IN MY DREAM, before we made any solar decisions, we made sure our dream would be a success that benefits EVERYONE - that our dream would NOT become someone else's NIGHTMARE.

This needn't be just a dream. We have options if we choose to go after them.  Please, write your commissioners and vote on November 4.


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Learn more about Tessera Solar's massive project proposal here


Brian said...

can you please send a link to the first letter submitted by George Woodard.
thank you

Ceal Smith said...

Brian, Thanks for asking. It ran a few weeks back and I couldn't track down a copy. Being one of the last newspaper presses in the country, I also didn't think the Crescent was available online but I just discovered that "Small Town Papers" posts the front page at: If you get a membership ($10) presumably you might be able to download the current issue. Anyhow, I'll keep looking and post it if I find one. Let me know if you do too please!