Friday, July 30, 2010


Announced - July 30th

Solar Reserve: 3,000-acre PowerTower, 200 MW Industrial Solar Plant, near Center, Colorado (image at left is a 10 MW PowerTower pilot built in Dagget, CA no longer in operation).

SolarReserve 1041 permit upcoming meetings:
(None scheduled at this time/TBA)
Saguache County Courthouse (at Cristy)
Saguache, Colorado

Download the SolarReserve Preliminary 1041 Application (under "Documents" left column, at top)

Project Proponent: SolarReserve development director Andrew Wang, Development manager Adam Green.

Technology: 200 MW, PowerTower, 24 X 28 x 25' high tracking mirrors with 656-foot tower in the center of each circle. Two circles eventually installed.
Heat storage from liquid molten salt solution kept in above ground tanks.

Location: Southern Saguache County, between Center and Hooper, County Road G and Highway 112, approx. 8-10 miles northeast of Center. The acreage belongs to several different landowners. Approximately 3,000-acres of a 6,200-acre site will be developed.

Water: approx. 1,200 Acre Feet per circle per year

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