Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feed-in Tariff: the Policy Tool We Need For Green Jobs

A new study just released by the Los Angeles Business Council provides guidance on how to design an effective Feed-in Tariff (FIT), the policy tool that has been used throughout Europe and in a growing number of US communities to accelerate renewable energy development and Co2 reductions.

Although focused on the Greater Los Angeles area, the report outlines how to design a FIT to deliver the green promise we've all been waiting for.  If done right, a FIT can result in significant numbers of new high-paying jobs; increase renewable energy generation to meet (and exceed) RES goals; utilize unused resources including our homes, businesses and other urban landscapes; reduce and avoid utility transmission and peak generation costs; and infuse our local green-technology sector with new life.

Combined with a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Initiative (the subject of our next blog), the FIT is the proven policy tool that we need to progress along the faster, cheaper, smarter, greener path to a truly renewable future and meeting our new 33% by 2020 Renewable Energy goals.

Download the report here (left column, "PDF of LABC Study").

Unbeknownst to most, our own Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Staff prepared a report on FITS in 2009 that concluded:

"A FIT can be used to accomplish the legal and policy goals of an RPS and can be the driving mechanism enabling utilities to meet their renewable requirements". 

The report also concludes that an effective FIT could create jobs, benefit rural areas through community-based renewable energy development, and avoid the need for costly new transmission.   

Download the full CO PUC report here.

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Solar's best bet is "smaller projects that can get us there fast with no transmission lines and can deliver 5 percent ratepayer savings. [FITS are] the most effective policy in the world for getting cost-effective renewable energy online. It's simple, fair and effective."

                                                      Ted Ko, Associate Executive Director at the FiT Coalition


Bud said...

Lois Barber, the founder of the Alliance for Renewable Energy could be an excellent resource for information and support:

Good luck with your important project to stop the centralized concentration of "power" - While green electrons in the grid is the goal, allowing for centralized power in the hands of the few will keep consumers of energy hostage to the corporate profit motive.

Ceal Smith said...

Bud, Thanks for your well stated comment. I agree, Lois Barber/Paul Gipe and their other affiliates are doing fantastic work (Randy Hayes teamed up with SDR in DC this week). I added ARE to our "Partners and Resources" list.

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