Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Million Solar Rooftops: An alternative to energy industrialization

10 Million Solar Rooftops: An alternative to energy industrialization:
"Distributed energy has a number of advantages over its central-plant competitors (both clean and dirty): it’s faster to build, avoids the need for expensive transmission lines, can use already developed land, and enhances community resilience and self-reliance. It’s also labor-intensive, creating more jobs per dollar of investment".  

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, introduced this landmark legislation.  Read an interview with Sanders and more media coverage here.

In addition to homeowners, the bill will provide rebates for locally owned commercial and agricultural installations up to 2 MW.  The 10M Rooftops Initiative sends an important message to our citizenry and decision-makers that distributed generation is a viable alternative to sacrificing our rural landscapes and communities for renewable energy.  I hope you will contact your Congressional representatives and urge them to support this game changing initiative.

Senator Michael Bennett
609 Main Street, Suite 110
Alamosa, Colorado 81101
Phone: 719-587-0096
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Senator Mark Udall
107 West B St.
Pueblo, CO  81003
Phone: 719-542-1701
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Rep John Salazar
609 Main Street, Suite 6
Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: 719-587-5105
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Senator Sander's press release and the actual bill:

Press Release 

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Rosana Hart said...

It took me exactly 10 minutes to fill out the forms and do this, not much!

The contact for Rep. Salazar is as the one you give, Ceal, gives an error message of requiring a zip code.

Rosana Hart